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Is a steam cleaner the optimal choice?

By June 26, 2017June 30th, 2017Carpet Cleaning

A presentable carpet means a presentable home, so yours needs to be kept in shape if you are hoping to impress everyone. Being a company that professionally cleans these floor coverings for a living, we know this fact all too well and employ top-notch methods and equipment to ensure that yours is as orderly as possible. As one of the top companies for domestic carpet cleaning Clevedon has available, we are the people to call if your own carpeting requires attention.

In the world of carpets, steam cleaner and dry carpet cleaning are both favourable choices. Something that people tend to ask though is whether one has an edge over the other. In this debate, it’s vital that we dispel the myth that it’s actually steam being utilised for the cleaning.

Commercial and home appliances do produce steam thanks to the hot water, but it’s not the steam itself that cleans the carpet. The contraption sprays detergent onto it instead, with the water activating the cleaning agent on the carpet’s fibres. Afterwards, a wet-vac sucks up the majority of water present on the flooring.

Many individuals choose steam cleaning because of the concerns they have about dry cleaning substances and their affects on the environment and themselves. Technically, there’s only one way to clean a carpet chemical-free and that’s by vacuuming, as plain water is classed as a chemical compound. When everyone asks whether carpets can be cleansed without chemicals, they’re questioning if it can be done safely. In most instances, this answer is yes, as carpet cleaners can use solutions that don’t do any damage.

At Copper Beech Cleaning we make use of environmentally friendly and natural cleaning products that are safe for the entire family. A full deep cleaning is provided with a robust hot water extraction set up and when time is of the essence, our low moisture and dry cleaning procedure is brought in.

If we can aid you in any way, please get in touch with us. Our reputation is very good, built on offering the best service for domestic carpet cleaning Clevedon residents can choose.