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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often have lots of questions about the process we use to clean carpets and upholsteries. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions. We try to be as clear and informative as possible without getting into the technical side of things, that only us cleaning geeks find interesting.

How long does it take to clean my carpet?

The time required to clean your carpet will depend on several factors.

Obviously the size of the room is important. The bigger the room the longer it will take.

How badly stained and soiled the carpet is. Stains will often require different types of treatment depending what caused them. Many stains will take longer to clean.

The carpet typed is also important. wool, synthetic, deep pile. Low profile etc.

As a rough guide, a lightly soiled average sized domestic room of approx 16 square metres will take approximately 2 hours from start to finish.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

Again most of the factors above will also apply to this question. However, also important is the method used for cleaning. Depending on the carpet type and level of soling, it may be possible to dry clean or low moisture clean and if this is the case your carpets will be dry as we leave. If we use the Hot Water Extraction process your carpets will be damp when we leave and normally dry enough to use with a couple of hours.

Can you remove the wine stain from last christmas?

Yes it is often possible to remove wine stains from carpet but success is not guaranteed. Success will depend on the type of carpet, and whether anyone has applied any home remedies previously. The best chance of success is if the home owner has applied no more that a little water and a white towel. If it is not possible to completely remove the stain it is often possible to fade it so it is less obvious.

Can you remove chewing gum stuck to carpets and sofas?

It is usually possible to remove chewing gum from carpet using specialist spotting agents.

Can I call you out if I have a carpet cleaning emergency?

Yes we are always happy to attend to deal with home or commercial emergencies such as spillages and stains. If you are an existing customer, It may be possible that this service is free of charge. Otherwise a minimum visit charge will apply.

How long after cleaning my upholstery will I be able to sit on it?

This will depend on the type of fabric and the amount of soiling. However, as a guide, upholstery is normally able to be used in the afternoon if cleaned in the morning.

Will you have to take take my curtains and blinds away in order to clean them?

No, curtains and blinds are cleaned on site where they hang and are not even taken down. They are available to use immediately after cleaning.

Can I sleep on my mattress the same day it has been cleaned?

Mattresses are able to be used the same day they are cleaned. However it is recommended that they are cleaned in the morning to give them more time to dry. To aid the drying process large air moving fans are used to speed this up.