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Best method for cleaning carpets

By October 20, 2017November 2nd, 2017Uncategorized

The simple question of what the best way of cleaning your carpet is can require a bit more thought. For most people, they regard the process as just running a vacuum over it once a week. What looks to be an efficient and simple solution may not actually be so effective. The Copper Beech team is the best for domestic carpet cleaning Clevedon has and know exactly what it takes to get the right results.

Accidents and spillages can happen all the time, creating carpet stains which are hard to remove. However, with some specialist knowledge you can make your carpet last longer.

For domestic carpet cleaning, regular vacuuming is a vital component. It still remains an effective way for removing dirt out of the fibres. Additionally, it often will help retain a fresh appearance, preventing it from producing smell. If you own any furry animals, it is wise to vacuum at least 3 times a week to keep on top of fur and dander.

To ensure your carpet lasts, perhaps consider basic protection for areas that will be most used; for example near the front door. Placing a door mat or protective runners will increase your carpet’s lifespan. Just remember to install the carpet runners flat to stop falls from occurring.

What’s also good practice is to tend to stains as soon as possible; they will be easier to clean when tackled promptly. If wine is spilled it is especially important to act quickly. We recommend you use a clean absorbent cloth and dab the stain. Dampen with a little water if necessary. Rubbing can damage the carpet fibres, causing non-reversible damage. That is why dabbing is better.

Most of the time people don’t tackle stains straight away, making it more difficult to remove. If this is the case you find yourself in, and blotting techniques look be useless; then consider calling on us for the best professional domestic carpet cleaning Clevedon has to offer.

Copper Beech offers fast and reliable services, using reliable equipment and carefully selected products. So if you find yourself needing to give your carpet a make-over, get in contact with us today.