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Carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid

By September 20, 2017October 3rd, 2017Carpet Cleaning

Most of the time carpet does not require regular cleaning, unlike other types of flooring. However it should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, regardless of regular vacuuming. A professional clean will extend the life of the material whilst contributing to reducing allergies and illness. At Copper Beech we can offer the very best domestic carpet cleaning Weston Super Mare has to offer.

One of the biggest benefits of our services is we reduce the do-it yourself carpet cleaning mistakes. DIY cleaning can be considered as far less expensive, however doing it is not always as effective as getting the carpets professionally cleaned. It’s quite easy for a novice to damage their carpet. The most common ways this is done are; over-wetting, over-shampooing, and not protecting wet carpet from furniture.

If over-shampooing occurs, the build up of soapy residue can almost be impossible to clean out, which can make your carpet a dirt magnet. Over-wetting can cause carpets to shrink, leading to it eventually tearing itself from the floor. As it’s very difficult to dry them, this creates an additional risk of mildew. Certain furniture when coming into contact with wet carpet can create stains; some wood furniture can release dyes for example.

A lot of people come across these problems. Copper Beech use methods which are less likely to create these issues, so rest assured your carpet is in safe hands when hiring us. Dry extraction methods are considered to be the best method of cleaning, as it keeps the moisture controlled.

We also only use state of the art carpet cleaning equipment. This, combined with our experience, means your carpets will be left refreshed and looking brand new.

We understand how expensive replacing carpets can be, which is why we provide our high quality services. To extend the life of your floor coverings, get in touch with us here at Copper Beech to arrange the best domestic carpet cleaning Weston Super Mare homeowners can choose. We won’t disappoint you.