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Going beyond the surface for carpet cleaning

As a non-franchised and independent cleaning business, we strive to deliver a top-notch experience to all of our clients. Being one of the most praised establishments for commercial carpet cleaning Burnham has to give; we use only tried and tested methods whilst attending to your surfaces. With fantastic results and low prices, ours are the services to invest in.

Similar to how our clothes demand constant washing to keep them hygienic and fresh, the carpets we walk on also require the same degree of attention. Stockpiled grit and soil are principal causes of minimised fabric and carpet life. Not only this, but they also permit harmful bacteria and mites to do no good without any restrictions. When compared to the costs involved in replacing a carpet, the price of a professional cleaning service seems minute, meaning that it makes sense from an economical viewpoint.

Something that the majority of us fail to realise however is that the soil we see with our eyes is but a fraction of what actually lies within our carpets. As much as 85% of dirt that exists on one carpet is buried deep underneath the pile. Once you come to the realisation that carpets have the potential to confine their own weight in soil, or even more, you’ll concur that this isn’t a trivial matter.

By employing experienced cleaners, you would be taking steps to prolong the lifespan of your carpet. Professional cleaning gets rid of a multitude of issues that lead to carpets expiring prematurely. An enhanced appearance is another one of the pros associated with carpet cleaning. Even the oldest of designs can look brand new as long as you give them a bit of TLC.

At Copper Beech Cleaning, our attention to detail, not to mention our high calibre workmanship, has enabled us to help countless clients across Burnham. Suitable for both one off and regular cleaning, the services we offer are designed to meet your every requirement.

If there is anything we can assist you with, please get in touch. When you choose us you are selecting to work with the best team for commercial carpet cleaning Burnham has to offer. We understand the demands in these settings and can deliver services to suit various needs.