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Tackling coffee stains on the carpet

Our non-franchised, independent business excels at offering cleaning assistance to customers within the commercial sector. Specifically, we work on carpets, using only those methods and utensils that have been tried, tested, and deemed safe. Being one of the best businesses for commercial carpet cleaning Clevedon has available; we are the people to contact if your carpets require some TLC.

Some of the principles that come with stain removal for clothes can also apply to your carpet. If you are fortunate to catch these stains at an early stage, then the chances of you getting rid of them entirely are greater. Furthermore, the sooner you begin treating the blemishes, the simpler they’ll be to manage and you won’t have to resort to overly complex approaches.

When up against coffee stains, always work from the stain’s exterior and make your way to the centre from there. Everyone that has experienced a situation like this knows just how notorious coffee is for spreading as it is being attended to; this technique should be able to make things easier.

Another vital fact to remember is that scrubbing the carpet can be detrimental in these circumstances. Not only will the fibres end up being damaged, but entire segments of the flooring could also be pulled out. Instead of scrubbing, it’s more prudent to use blotting or pressing movements.

Use a white cloth for any blotting efforts and carry on pressing the clear parts onto the mess until the coffee no longer transfers onto it. Afterwards, pour cold water onto the splatter, use a new cloth, and continue blotting the substance. The key here is to not over saturate the carpet, as you are attempting to adulterate the coffee whilst still being able to soak it up with the cloth.

At Copper Beech Cleaning, we pay attention to every detail when we are called in to clean your carpets. Additionally, ours is a risk free service that makes use of natural and environmentally friendly cleaning instruments, both of which are safe for all inhabitants.

If you ever find yourself in need of professional help with carpets, we hope you’ll consider calling our team. We are the best for commercial carpet cleaning Clevedon has to give after-all.