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Over-wetting is more serious than you think

Carpets become messy for a plethora of reasons, but the important thing here is to ensure that they are attended to in good time. As one of the top companies for domestic carpet cleaning Clevedon has available, we employ a vast array of specialist skills and techniques to overcome all sorts of predicaments. Reasonably priced and guaranteed to produce results, ours are the services to depend on in times of need.

In the past, over-wetting was one of the most commonly encountered carpet cleaning problems. Although it’s not as prevalent today as it was way back when, it is still a fairly regular occurrence. Those familiar with the issue will know that ridiculous drying periods are a massive concern, but the fact is that there is a series of additional annoyances that can come about as the result of such actions. Just so that you know how serious over-wetting is, we’re going to go through some of the other things it can lead to.

Shrinkage can happen whenever you use an excessive amount of water, or if your machinery isn’t set up properly or doesn’t have enough power. If the condition is only slight, it may be possible to stretch your carpet back into the right position. Should substantial shrinkage occur however, then a replacement is the only solution.

When a carpet has been over-wet and stays moist for a prolonged period, rather nasty odours might end up developing. This is typically due to bacteria settling in. Even though this issue can be easily treated, it shouldn’t be permitted to manifest in the first place.

At Copper Beech Cleaning, our team understands that drying times can be crucial to customers. It is for this reason why our dry cleaning and low moisture processes aim to clean your carpets in a hasty manner.

If you require a service that pays attention to detail and always takes care whilst on the job, then call us today. We can deliver the best domestic carpet cleaning Clevedon residents could ask for.