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Removing food-related stains

By August 7, 2017August 18th, 2017Carpet Cleaning

Keeping up appearances means that you must take steps to ensure that your property remains clean, carpets included. You might be under the impression that people don’t care too much about the state of your flooring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Being one of the top businesses for domestic carpet cleaning Burnham has to give; we are the team to call if your own carpets are long overdue some attention.

While you may love your children, the same feelings are not extended to the messes that they leave behind. Food and drink is the biggest cause of problems. You are tasked with teaching them about keeping food in the correct places, but something else you have to do is attend to the stains themselves. Regardless of whose fault it is, the following advice can prove indispensible when dealing with blemishes.

Be it spaghetti or chocolate, chunks are where you must begin. We recommend using a paper towel to pick these up. Follow this up by sweeping the smaller pieces into a pile, making sure you don’t grind them into the fabric. Bring in a dampened sponge to gather the last of the little crumbs. With all the food attended to and the stain uncovered, the next step can take place.

With the sponge, wipe the mark gently, moving from the exterior to its interior to prevent spreading. It should lighten up as more food is pulled up. Should a simple stain remain, a few treatments will finish off the job.

At Copper Beech Cleaning, we have had the privilege of serving a wide assortment of domestic clients throughout the years. Depending on your requirements, we can provide one off treatments or annual maintenance, as well as stain guard protection if you desire it.

All you need to do is contact us if you would like our help. As the leading name for domestic carpet cleaning Burnham has, we will always provide excellent standards. Even deep set stains can be tackled by our team.