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Ridding your carpets of fungus

By August 14, 2017August 18th, 2017Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet is in need of a clean but you lack the proper tools to do the job yourself, you should reach out to our team of professionals. Utilising advanced equipment and some of the most effective techniques in the industry, we can comfortably tackle any sort of mess we come across. As one of the top companies for commercial carpet cleaning Burnham has available, we are the people to contact if you require aid.

Mushrooms typically grow outside on the grass, but it is possible for fungus to begin sprouting in the home too. Mould and fungi can take refuge in your carpet, and start spreading if you don’t act quickly. After appearing, getting rid of these growths can be difficult. Bleach will end up ruining your carpet and other solutions might not kill the spores. There is hope here however, and we’re going to tell you how to handle the problem.

Begin by lifting those enormous mould areas and disconnect them from the flooring. Place a dampened paper towel on growth chunks, fold your towel around it, and then put it inside of a plastic trash bag. Once all of the bigger lumps have been dealt with, start to vacuum the mould.

After the majority of the mould has been attended to a steam cleaner can be utilised in an effort to blast out anything that remains. Something else you must do is run a dehumidifier around the region to rid yourself of residual moisture and prevent the growth. Last but not least, lift up your carpet to ensure that there is no mould growing beneath it.

At Copper Beech Cleaning, the technicians that we employ are trained to meet the government-approved standards for upholstery and carpet cleaning. All of the work we do is completely insured with treatment risk and public liability cover, and we only make use of environmentally friendly and natural products during our efforts.

If you’d like more details about how we operate, you’re more than welcome to contact us. We will be happy to provide information and share the knowledge we have gained in our effort to become the best for commercial carpet cleaning Burnham has.