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Are you cleaning carpets correctly?

By April 16, 2017April 24th, 2017Uncategorized

Keeping domestic carpets clean and reducing wear is a challenge, especially when you consider what they are exposed to on a daily basis. Dirt on the bottom of shoes, spills, and food crumbs can all accumulate and result in the carpet looking worn and soiled. Fortunately we can provide professional domestic carpet cleaning in Wells and surrounding areas to help clients. In addition we offer useful advice about preventing issues.

One thing we regularly advise clients is how important it is to clean up spills and dirt quickly to prevent it getting deep into the material. This is important but you need to clean in the right way. In terms of spills you should dab and blot rather than rubbing. The key is to be gentle to prevent fibres from getting damaged. Start at the edges and work inwards; this prevents spreading.

Finding chewing gum on your carpet is never fun, especially if you unsuspectingly walked it in off the street. It can be tricky to remove the substance but using ice to freeze it and a spoon to gently lift it can work. You may need to trim the strands of the material but if you keep it close to the gum it won’t be too noticeable.

Grease on carpets can be a big problem too because it is hard to remove. You can use dishwasher detergent designed for tackling grease to tackle it. Remember to water it down sufficiently and only use a small amount on a cloth. Don’t use too much soap or water and take care not to damage fibres.

Dropping sweets, biscuits, and other sugary products on the carpet can result in dirt being attracted to the area. You need to remove the sugar to prevent this, first removing the items that have been dropped, vacuuming up crumbs, and then using mild soap and water to blot the area.

There is no substitute for regular deep cleaning though. It will remove more dirt than any other process, even tackling stains that have proven to be tough to tackle. We offer an array of options for our clients and can arrange services at a time that suits them. If you need quick services that will leave carpets dry we have the solution for you.

Please get in touch to arrange the best domestic carpet cleaning in Wells.