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Tips for protecting commercial carpets

By April 13, 2017April 24th, 2017Uncategorized

As a leading provider of commercial carpet cleaning in Clevedon we understand how important it is to deliver a great finish with each service. After-all the quality and condition of the carpeting will have an impact on customers and employees. If the carpets look well cared for and are beautifully presented, it will make the right impression. That is what we aim to ensure occurs with our comprehensive services.

Regular professional cleaning and vacuuming will keep carpets looking their best. In addition staff should be advised to tackle spills and stains quickly when they occur to prevent them setting. Keep in mind the longer they remain the deeper they will get into the material and the harder they will be to remove. A quick clean following a spillage or soiling will prevent this and keep everything fresh.

The areas that tend to experience the most wear and tear are near entrances and exits, hallways, walkways, and around desks or counters. You can protect the carpet in each of these areas by investing in runners, rugs, and under-chair mats. All three help to reduce dirt entry into the material as well as protecting the pile.

Another tip if you want to keep your carpets looking their best it to carry equipment and furniture carefully rather than dragging it. If you drag something it can result in stretching, tears, and also damage the underlay. It is better to lift and carry items, especially in areas where things are moved around on a regular basis. You can also utilise a trolley.

Regular deep cleanings can provide outstanding results and deliver long term savings. The services will remove all of the dirt and stains, even those that are deep into the material. The end result is the carpeting will look good for longer and result in less frequent replacements.

If you would like to arrange periodic commercial carpet cleaning in Clevedon you can rely on us. We work with businesses in various industries and deliver a tailored service for each client. Whatever your needs we will cater for them, including scheduling cleans at the most suitable time for you.